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Coim­bra pro­to­col

Professor Amon is currently the only dermatologist in Germany officially certified as a protocol physician for the Coimbra protocol for the treatment of autoimmune diseases with high-dose vitamin D since September 2018. See also

Patients from all over Germany, but also from abroad, seek us out to be treated according to this special method.

In Germany, this therapy protocol for autoimmune patients has been used since 2016. Behind the Coimbra protocol is the hypothesis of an acquired form of so-called vitamin D resistance and insufficient biological activity of biologically active vitamin D, which can be overcome by high doses of vitamin D3. This therapy carries considerable risks if used by the patient himself and must not be performed under any circumstances without specially trained physicians.

In most cases, the treatment protocol leads to a dramatic improvement of the disease, although it is elementary that contemporaneous causes and lifestyle are identified and modified very precisely with regard to possible disease triggers.

We have published safety data on the protocol, which show that - when used correctly - there is no significant risk to patients when taking high doses of vitamin D.