International Center for Skin Diseases DermAllegra
Am Markgrafenpark 6
91224 Pommelsbrunn/Hohenstadt
Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg, Germany
+49 9154


Dermatology has experienced a scientific upswing in recent years. New research results give reason for hope with regard to malignant skin tumors and severe chronic diseases that have been almost incurable up to now.

We attach great importance to a detailed and individual diagnostic. The search for the cause is the basis for the development of a targeted treatment concept and therapy success to increase the quality of life. We feel particularly committed to this motto.

In our own laboratory, we measure extensive parameters ourselves according to the latest measurement methods (inflammation, autoimmune screening, allergy, vitamins, vitamin D and other hormones, stress markers, intestinal microbiome and many others), but we also cooperate with numerous laboratories throughout Germany.