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Autoimmune diseases

Chronic inflammatory diseases are increasing dramatically in industrialized and emerging countries and affect almost all organ systems. This includes autoimmune diseases, a broad focus of our center. Clarifying the individual spectrum of possible causes of autoimmune diseases is clearly our priority before treatment.

Some examples of autoimmune and autoinflammatory diseases:

In our center we offer thorough diagnostics, including micronutrient, mitochondrial, infection, nutrition, metabolism, hormone, if necessary heavy metal and stool analyses. Individualized therapy takes into account the principles of orthomolecular medicine. This involves preventive and therapeutic measures with the body's own minerals, secondary plant substances, essential fatty acids, amino acids, trace elements, vitamins, enzymes and hormones by administrating of micronutrients/dietary supplements.

If indicated, high-dose vitamin D therapy according to the Coimbra protocol is also used. Professor Amon is currently the only dermatologist certified for the Coimbra protocol in Germany.